Kitchen Kapers - Kitchenware and Gift Shop

Kitchen Kapers Logo - Calico Fudge System Case StudyRachael Redmond is the owner at Kitchen Kapers, a specialist kitchenware and gift shop in Ashburton (pop. 31,000).

Kitchen Kapers were already selling other pre-packaged confectionery items but so were other shops and supermarkets nearby. They wanted something that was their own brand and unique to their store preferably with a higher profit margin than other items.

Rachael Owner of Kitchen KapersWhen Rachael saw Calico Cottage Fudge Systems at a Gift Fair she knew this was exactly what she was looking for.  She spoke with her business partner who wasn't convinced that they would be able to sell enough fudge to make the investment profitable.

Rachael knew that she could make it work! Her own homemade gourmet fudge was exactly the product that would complement her place in the market as a boutique kitchen ware shop.

In 2010 (the day after the first Christchurch earthquake) Calico Cottage Fudge arrived on site to train Rachael and her staff in how to make and sell fudge. Since then the fudge side of the business has grown and is now another draw card to attract existing and new customers into the Kitchen Kapers store.

"It has enabled us to brand our own fudge and offer our customers across the country a unique delicious product made with the best ingredients and made with love", says Rachael, "It has brought a different clientele into the store who wouldn't have come in otherwise. Those people are now regulars."

When asked what advice she would have for other potential fudge customers Rachael advices that you "Put love into it. I think that is what makes our fudge so good. We use Calico's quality ingredients but also take the time to think about how we present the fudge and what it looks like. We are passionate about our fudge and it shows in our sales."

Rachael has enjoyed working with Calico and now feels part of the fudge family having worked with Graham (NZ owner), Barbara and Brian (founders) as well as Sarah (Australia office).

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